At Guanacaste airport, passengers will now be able to charge their cell phones while pedaling

January 10, 2023

Everywhere VINCI Airports operates airports worldwide, electricity consumption reduction is a key objective to make the environmental transition a success.

In Costa Rica, passengers at Guanacaste Airport who want to charge their cell phones before their flight will be able to do it with stations generating their own energy. The airport installed fixed tables in the boarding lounges where, through dynamos connected to pedals, energy can be generated by physical movement.

For every minute of pedaling, an average cell phone will be able to charge 1% of its battery. Thus, a non-professional person using these stations for 30 minutes will travel approximately 4.5 km, the distance from Playa Hermosa to Playa Bonita in Guanacaste.

In addition to the charging stations, a second tactile zone was also implemented in which passengers can self-order food and beverages from the commercial concessionaires, La Barra Imperial and Bakery. These charging stations turn airport waiting times into time for physical activity. Pedaling for 10 minutes to generate energy means a reduction of up to 100 calories.

The charging stations are in the East boarding lounge and were installed by Morpho Travel. These are labeled as "movement is energy and energy is life".

"We know that cell phones are part of our daily routine and that the time spent waiting for a flight can be used to charge them. This is how we implement innovative projects, as a pillar of VINCI Airports, that can add value to the experience of being in transit in our terminal and plant a seed of why sustainable tourism is the best option," said César Jaramillo, General Manager of Guanacaste Airport.


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